Jay, Nairobi Kenya

 I met Debbie in September 2018, at a time when I was struggling with depression and long-standing patterns of anxiety and mild OCD. In that year alone, I had had suicidal ideations and plans on three different instances. Debbie generously offered to assist me as she realised I was vulnerable and needed help which she did through NLP sessions, a form of therapy I had never heard of before. After researching NLP, I committed to letting her help me find solutions to my mental - and other - problems.

For the period between September 2018 through January 2019, she facilitated me to create resource banks through Anchoring, explore my past and look forward to a greater brighter future through Timeline Technique, reach and experience the core state through Core Transformation, improve my deeper beliefs and behaviours through Re-Imprint etc.

Of particular benefit was her way of following up on my statements or comments with questions that made me reflect on my beliefs, most of which were caused by a long-standing pattern of negative thoughts and self-talk, without rushing the process or harshly criticizing me. She also followed up on the actionable assignments that she gave me, particularly when helping me break very rigid OCD patterns to experience the freedom of spontaneity. While this felt like such a task, she was patient and applauded even what felt like very tiny steps, encouraging me to see them as improvements until I broke free of my former obsessions and compulsions.

During the COVID19 pandemic, Debbie has been giving me EFT Tapping sessions online, which have proven advantageous in helping me deal with all the mental turmoil. Her perspectives on mental health are uniquely unbiased and it’s always safe talking about my struggles with her. 

Debbie is a professional whom I find, during the interventions and other times, a great listener, skilled interviewer and frankly, an intelligent – both emotionally and intellectually – person to work and/or be with. She can be relied upon even in times of adversity as she loves deeply and cares genuinely.

My interventions with Debbie were pro bono while she was completing her case study hours, and I’m also aware that she offers discounts to people that are struggling financially. I highly recommend Debbie as she is passionate about her work, goal-oriented and compassionate.

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