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Life coaching

Life Coaching

Stress, Anxiety, Wellbeing

As a qualified Life Coach, my role is to understand where you are now, where you wish to be in the future and help you get there using my technical skills and a trunk load of life experiences and business knowledge gained as a business consultant / organisation trainer, a manager of around 70 staff and a mentor / coach to many. As your coach I will objectively support and empower you on a journey to attain either personal or professional goals or a combination of both.

If you are expecting me to tell you what to do, then you will be disappointed. If you don’t know where you wish to go, your ‘purpose’ or how to get there, we will figure it out together. If you want help to explore your potential / feelings and how to overcome your challenges without judgement, then you will be in a safe place.


"Debbie is a professional whom I find, during the interventions and other times, a great listener, skilled interviewer and frankly, an intelligent – both emotionally and intellectually – person to work and/or be with. She can be relied upon even in times of adversity as she loves deeply and cares genuinely."

I will shift into performance coaching mode if you wish to assess your career or improve your work performance; maximise your existing skill set, help you develop new skills and minimise weaknesses to achieve your potential. If you’re starting your career, then I can help you with interview skills, CV writing, time management, planning and prioritising. If you are an established manager, I can be used as a sounding board for you to determine strategies to lead a high flying team or accept difficult organisational change decisions.

If you have behaviours, patterns of thinking, limiting beliefs and blocks that are holding you back from reaching the stars, then I will become your mindset coach so you gently become aware of what you could re-programme or replace that will work better for you. This may also be an aspect of what I will bring into performance coaching.

Whatever your issue, as a holistic coach we will approach our work together from all perspectives as you, your work, your family and friends are all connected and affect your internal balance. I will provide compassionate support as you navigate life changes and relationships so you can thrive rather than struggle to survive. 

Sometimes you may require provocative coaching to jolt you out of your comfort zone, while other situations under review respond to a more pragmatic slower pace with smaller chunk sizes. 

All our work together will be tailored to you and your specific needs at that time. During our initial meeting we will get to know each other enough so that we can discuss and agree a sensible plan for the way forward. You may also have ‘homework’ to reflect or take some form of action or further research.

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