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Who Am I?

Debbie Basden

My name is Debbie Basden. Born and educated in the UK with a BSc from Cardiff University and an MSc from Durham University before starting my career in South Africa. After 4 years I returned to work in Bristol within the insurance sector for 10 years, before moving to Kenya as a Management Consultant. 

Now a qualified EFT and NLP practitioner in South Wales, I continue to assist people all over the world to balance their outlook and improve their mental health.

How I Help 

  • Replace anxiety, panic attacks and fears to feel safe

  • Conquer trauma / depression / OCD with inner peace

  • Adjust internal thinking to feel in control

  • Trade shame, guilt and anger with healthy boundaries

  • Let go of emotional baggage with confidence

  • Understand your ‘hot buttons’ and see the big picture

  • Chase away your aches and pains

  • Hear yourself communicate and present more powerfully

  • Solve business problems and expand your capabilities

Therapy session


Snowy Mountain




Image by Suzanne D. Williams



Amy near Newcastle

"Working with Debbie was such a great experience, she’s a warm and welcoming person who I felt extremely secure working with and talking too. She has given me some extremely helpful coping techniques and gave me ways where I can tap and ground myself while I’m in public. I have loved working with Debbie and it’s something that has helped me extreme amounts and I am so grateful."


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