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Connirae Andreas is a psychotherapist who was one of the first to be certified as an NLP practitioner by the co-developers (Bandler and Grinder) way back in 1979, along with her partner John Stevens (he changed his name to Steve Andreas when they married). She is still an NLP trainer and internationally known for developing the Core Transformation process in 1989. And I had the privilege of receiving Advanced Core Transformation training from Tamara Andreas and Mark Andreas (sister and son to Connirae). It has been described as "A method with which you can reach conditions within five minutes, that make others sit on mountains for years!".

Core Transformation is a gentle yet profound 10 step process that starts by identifying a behaviour, feelings and reactions that are a problem for you. This surprisingly simple process can be used to change self-defeating major life problems that no matter what we have tried, won’t go away. This includes rage, anxiety, shame, depression, loneliness, fear of abandonment, trust issues, addictions, nervous habits, OCD, abuse, co-dependency, eating disorders, PTSD, lack of confidence, inner conflict, chronic pain...

Image by Chris Lawton

"Working with Debbie was such a great experience, she’s a warm and welcoming person who I felt extremely secure working with and talking too. She has given me some extremely helpful coping techniques and gave me ways where I can tap and ground myself while I’m in public. I have loved working with Debbie and it’s something that has helped me extreme amounts and I am so grateful."

Whatever your personal limitation is and regardless of how much you have shoved it aside, those negative thoughts and feelings will gracefully melt, dissolve and unravel so you can break through to move beyond any inner conflict and struggles, enabling lasting change without relying on any form of willpower, discipline or positive thinking. Many Clients get to experience “inner peace”, “being whole”, “connected to the Universe or a higher power” which works just as well for those who do not have any spiritual belief and think all this sounds a bit woo woo and weird.

These new states become your new strong foundation and centre to keep your life in balance. So when you next feel frustrated, sad, angry and pissed off with life, which is all part of being human, you can still have an underlying sense of wellbeing within; an inner knowing that we have what it takes to get through the storm and come out the other side wiser and stronger. 

Image by Julia Weihe

As an observer leading a Client through the process it can be awesome to witness.  Connirae defines living from a place of core self when:

  • I experience wholeness, inner peace, well-being, love and vitality

  • I am completely grounded and centred in my body

  • I am fully aware of my body and my emotions

  • I perceive the world clearly

  • I know what I want

  • I will behave according to my values

  • I act without effort for my own good and at the same time respect others and their interests

  • I have a positive self-esteem

  • I am aware of who I am, not only of what I do, how I feel or what I have

  • I am aware of my resources. I then have the feeling that I can decide for myself how I feel and what I do.

If after reading this text you have decided this is a process that you wish to experience, or just curious and wish to experience a gentle shift on a particular issue, I would be delighted to guide you through the Core Transformation process. 

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