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The Solutions: Services

You will find I provide a confidential and professional one-to-one service for adults and young people giving you the opportunity to explore your problems, distresses or any difficult situations that you are experiencing in a non-judgemental, safe and supportive environment. One on one sessions currently take place over Zoom, Teams, Skype or WhatsApp with Clients in different time zones from the UK, Holland, Middle East, Kenya and the USA being supported. I have no set surgery schedule and can be relatively flexible in terms of appointment time to fit around your other commitments. Weekend and evening appointments are charged at the same rate. 
I also practise from a relaxed and private therapy room in my home in Neath Abbey, with off-road parking and within walking distance of Skewen Railway Station (with direct trains to Cardiff and Swansea). If you prefer, weather permitting, we can also meet in an open environment, we can walk and tap or I can come to your location if you are not too far away.


I feel privileged to be part of your journey, supporting you using a creative blend of Havening, EFT, NLP, EFT, coaching, practical life skill techniques along with a genuine interest to facilitate the discovery of the root cause of any discomfort or difficulty. Problems sometimes go on for a long time and you cannot see a way out of them, or they can make you feel out of control. Working together, we can find creative and positive ways forward by looking at your obstacles from different perspectives to find meaning in your life. You will leave with a different outlook, a choice of potential solutions to your life problems feeling motivated and confident to move forwards. Each session is tailored and adjusted to meet your specific needs to regain your balance.

And if there is a small group seeking help for similar problems, then I can adapt my approach to provide more generic sessions, with follow on specific individual treatments as necessary. So for example, if there is a team that has been through a particularly stressful shift, or a family / group that need assistance with a traumatic event, then we can all work together. Although you may have experienced the original traumatic event (we cannot change history), together we are able to adjust the view and interpretation of the event to gain a new perspective and therefore a different feeling about what happened. This allows the mind to reclassify the event as no longer being an on-going threatening situation.

Clients usually notice a change through tears, laughter, yawning or sometimes a tingling energy as they regain their emotional balance. And it is often difficult to actually bring back the emotional attachment linked to the original thoughts, even after one session. Such changes take effect whether you believe the technique works or not, which is why this form of psychotherapy has astonishing results and is often dismissed by other therapists untrained in the discipline. Yet some of the most powerful NLP and EFT techniques are used to help soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome to overcome trauma, and victims of accidents or crime.

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The Solutions: Clients

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